Nanodegree Student Projects

When you complete the final project submission your project reviewer will give you a secret code which will let you add your own project to this list.

Risha Shetty's Project

I have made a simple Web Page, wherein I have used JS & Jquery Library...To present stages of my Course Intro to prgramming in a nice navigation menu.

Natalija's notes's Project

My final project. I decided to check some stuff about API & Responsive web design.

Javier Carrion's notes & final project 's Project

On this Final Project, I concentrated on the Responsive Web Design. The Website is optimized to run on a mobile phone screen. I also used jQuery to hide and show the sections. The welcome alert that you see was created with plain vanilla JS.

Ani B's Project

My final stage four and stage five project. Intro to programming

Catherine Kalke's Project

Introduction to Programming

Ed Dimayacyac 's Project

My final project as a result of the comments and suggestions from the great udacity coaches.

Dan Weatherbee's Project

I completed the JavaScript Basics Course and built the resume builder. I then used it for my own resume and deployed it in the Cloud.

Elvis Chen's Project

This project provide many of notes and sources being taught and provided in IPND.

Jason's Final Project's Project

This is my first programming class and real introduction to programming. I am very happy to have completed the course and I am looking forward to learning more!

Robert Preston's Project

I used the database itself to drive the content of the website. This caused a couple of issues but it was still a really cool experiment.