Course 2: Telling Computers what to do

I learned the programming basics: variables, functions various data types (strings, numbers, lists...), etc... This course was definitely hard and I still don't feel like an expert in solving problems with Python, but I can at least read and reuse other people's code if I want to.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Serious Programming

Answers questions like: What's a program? What's a computer? What's a programming language?

Lesson 2: Variables and Strings

We can store textual information (strings) in titled containers (variables)

Lesson 3: Input --> Function --> Output

A function is something that takes input, does something with that input, and then returns something else as output.

Lesson 4: Decisions and Repetition - If and While

Control flow statements (like 'if' and 'else') let us execute different blocks of code depending on some condition. While loops let us repeat a certain block of code many times until a certain condition is met.

Lesson 5: How to Solve Problems

The first step in solving large problems is to understand the problem. We do this by 1) understanding the inputs. 2) understanding the outputs. And 3) writing a function to correctly produce the desired output from the input.