Course 3: The Power of Abstraction

This course taught me how to avoid repetition in my code by defining 'Classes' of 'Objects' with similar properties. This 'Object-Oriented' style of programming also lets me think about programs in a way that I'm familiar with

Lesson 1: Use Functions

A review of functions in Python.

Lesson 2: Use Classes - Draw Turtles

Learn how to use Python 'classes' which other programmers have already written.

Lesson 3: Use Classes - Send Text

Use 'Twillio' to send text messages to people with code!

Lesson 4: Use Classes - Profanity Editor

Learn about how to work with files while making a profanity editor.

Lesson 5: Make Classes - Movie Website

Learn how to make your own Python 'classes' and build a website that displays movie information.

Lesson 6: Make Classes - Advanced Topics

Learn about topics like Class methods, Inheritance, and Method Overriding.